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Famous Peoples’ Reactions to The Shutdown

Harry Reid Shutdown

I KNOW I’m forgetting something…

Tonight, at midnight, the unthinkable occurred. Again. The government was shutdown as a result of poor management by the Senate, and their complete inability to compromise. The Majority Leader blamed the fact that Obamacare-defunding mechanisms were attached to the House’s continuing resolution bill. Harry Reid was unable to separate himself from his Obama-lapdog status, and was forced to do nothing, tabling the GOP-House-passed continuing resolution to fund the government.

It is expected that nowhere will be hit as hard by all this, as Hollywood, and no one will feel this worse than the jet-set Hollywood crowd that Democrats love to party with. The poor stars will not be able to spend their time at the closed national parks, or visit landmarks as they are so often known for doing. MU News has reached out to a few celebrities for their opinions on the entire financial mess, and the wise words of the stars tells the sad story.

Permanently famous-for-doing-nothing-in-particular star, Paris Hilton seemed nonplussed by the gridlock. “Daddy’s Maserati will still run, right? Like, I can still drink at “Le Throng” in L.A., right? So, the streetlights will be out then?”

Football star Peyton Manning appeared nonchalant. “Look, I’m a quarterback, not some idiot kicker – I’ve been watching what’s going on. But as long as my arm and my Papa John’s stock is alright, I don’t really care. Boehner’s finally acting like a general out there, and Harry Reid’s acting like a big, offensive lineman. If I were there in Washington, I’d tell him the same as I’d tell my own linemen – ‘move yer ass, Harry!'”.

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is worried

Television personality and restless-leg sufferer, Chris Matthews could barely contain himself. “I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!! THOSE DAMNED REPUBLICANS ARE BLOCKING EVERYTHING AGAIN! They’re like governmental constipation! They’re gonna ruin everything, what with their ‘reduce spending’ and ‘spend more responsibly’ attitudes. God, they make me sick.”

MU News attempted to make contact with a couple of New York politicians, but we were told that Mayor Bloomberg was busy attempting to get the subways to run on time, and that Anthony Weiner was taking an important phone call.

Whatever the result of the shutdown will be, it will not change the fact that Obamacare is still greatly un-supported by Americans, and the list of grievances in regard to Obamacare continue to grow. Hopefully, Harry Reid will feel the pain of his Hollywood buddies, and act accordingly, and reaching a compromise with House republicans.

Clearly satire, MU (Made Up) News is a parody news agency. If it’s a Made Up story, it probably didn’t happen.

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