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Friday’s Pick Three (9-13-13)

Another post of the Friday irregular feature!

This week’s Pick Three consists of: religion, rain, and justice delivered.

Cross1. A priest in Zanzibar was the victim of another acid attack. The religious man was leaving an Internet café when an attacker threw acid in his face and escaped. This new attack comes nearly a month after two British women had acid thrown in their faces in Zanzibar. Two Christian leaders were slain in the country, and churches were also targeted this year.

Colorado State flag2. Massive flooding is still ongoing in Colorado. Three people have already lost their lives, and evacuations and rescues are still ongoing. After wildfires, the bare mountainsides are unable to slow the falling rain, and as it picks up momentum, it has washed out roads, destroyed houses, and isolated small communities.

Indian flag3. In one of the vicious gang rape cases in India, the four perpetrators were quickly tried, and found guilty of the crime. The speedily arrived at verdict was seen as quick, but just. The court cited the animal brutality of the crime as the reason for all four defendants receiving the death sentence.
(Warning: link contains a very graphic description of the crime)

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