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My Parents Are Bad People!

Bailey takes one of Slate’s editors out to the woodshed for the editor’s awful want to curb private schools. They’re unfair, the editor believes, and Bailey isn’t having it.


ImageI hate to admit that something some dumb socialist said pissed me off, but this kind of did.

Ms. Allison Benedikt had the nerve today to post an article on slate.com entitled “If You Send Your Kid To Private School, You Are a Bad Person.”

We-he-hell! Is that so? So, because my parents wanted my siblings to get the best education they could, they are bad people? Because my dad worked OVERTIME for YEARS to send all of his kids to a school that had small enough class sizes that allowed for our individual needs to be addressed, he’s a “bad person”?  Because my mom wanted to send us to a school where we could learn and grow in our Catholic faith, she is a bad person?  Because my parents wanted to send us to one of the VERY FEW safe(r) schools in town that didn’t have a reputation for…

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