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Friday’s Pick Three (8-16-13)

Another post of the Friday irregular feature!

Today’s pick three cover what I think are the first, second, and third oldest occupations in the world: prostitution, medicine, and politics.

Medicine by Obama1. In a move that seems all too familiar with anything connected to Obamacare, program administrators for O-care, in Orange County, California are being asked to work in a building that they claim is making them sick. Toxic materials were found in the soil, but the county claims they don not exceed federal limits. Union members are not convinced that the location is as safe as the government tells them it is. (story via CBSLA)

Prostitution in Switzerland2. Women’s empowerment through prostitution? That seems to be the message in Switzerland, where cities like Zurich are building special prostitution boxes and zones for prospective johns to find a woman, haggle on prices, and then do whatever. The Telegraph says the measures, costing 1.4 million, were approved by voters last year, and the posters touting condom-use and anti-AIDs messages will help combat STDs and prevent violence against the prostitutes.

NJ Governor, Chris Christie3. From NJ.com, it was reported that Governor Chris Christie vetoed three firearms bills that the New Jersey legislatures passed. For their rebuttals, Democrats in the legislature engaged in hyperbole and bogus rhetoric, with Shelia Oliver even inventing a perfect-storm-like scenario with a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle, and incendiary bullets at a chemical plant. Despite his criticisms, Christie did approve of mental health personnel asking about gun ownership, and he supported penalties for firearm owners if minors used the firearms to commit crimes.

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