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A Guilty Conversation?

A few days ago, for the on-and-off again period of two days, I was part of a conversation that confused and befuddled me. Now, that does not happen too often, and I spent some time self-reflecting, wondering if I had spent so much time trolling, needling, and teasing people, that I had somehow slipped into an unconscious state of doing it. Where I had grown unaware of the consequences of what I was doing. Was it possible that I had grown so brazen that had begun insulting people without realizing it?

As I carried on with my conversation with a fellow Tweeter, excepting my careless, and meaningless error in naming sentence types, I thought I remained reserved and correct in what I had said. Having missed a few of the opening tweets between other Tweeters, I wondered if  perhaps I missed something that was insulting and completely offensive. After the first few tweets, I stayed non-judgemental and asked more questions, rather than trying to offer any solutions.

I think I grew more aware of an odd sense of guilt in my fellow conversationalist about halfway through the discussion. It is also where the fellow Tweeter declared that I had no idea what suffering was, and that I was obviously too young to consider the things I was talking about. Rather than get angry, and fire back a snarky response that is an all too common occurrence on the Internet, I remained calm, but grew more aware of an odd feeling. I liken it to a feeling of disconnection, seeing a lost cause that you cannot save or change. It is an odd sense of both helplessness and disconnection.

All this over a conversation over abortion.

The size and development of a 12-week old fetus/baby/”lump of cells” | The legislative fight/riots in Texas were over babies that are two months older than this.

Philosophically, I wonder if disconnection and guilt are forever, hopelessly, ingrained in people who have ever served any role in an abortion. I wonder if, despite the protestations and the denials of life’s inherent value, and the claim life can be simplified to “lumps of cells” in order to more easily extinguish it, perhaps there is still, somewhere, deep inside people a value for life.

The Storify link to the Twitter conversation can be found here: “An Odd Abortion Conversation”

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