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Friday’s Pick Three

In a new, irregular feature, Pick Three lists will be compiled and shared, with the aim being to make people think or consider a point. Hopefully they will be well received and shared among a growing audience.
The pick three today cover money, the marketplace, and medicine. Obama lies, Walmart threatens to fly, and a medical study doesn’t quite know “why.”.

Democrats1. Sequestration delivers biggest budget surplus on record refuting dems claims via Conservative Daily News‘s R. Mitchell. Do you remember when Obama swore that sequestration would be the most awful, apocalyptic thing to ever occur in the U.S.? Yeah, instead, it has actually already begun to show benefits.


2. Wal-Mart to DC: Force Us to Raise Wages? We’ll Leave In a CNBC story that should shock no one who has even the remotest idea of the restrictive and punishing nature of minimum wage laws, Wal-Mart tells Washington DC’s city council if they force wage increases, Wal-Mart will start cutting jobs. Without actually naming and targeting the retailer, the council’s legislation seems to target Wal-Mart with council’s selective criteria.

Caduceus3. State of U.S. health ‘mediocre’: report Finally, Reuters offers a story about the so-so nature of wellness in the U.S.. While the healthcare system ranks in the middle of the developed nations’ pack, much of the blame for poor health is placed at the feet of inactivity and diet – despite, they mention, increases in healthcare spending. What important measure does the article omit? Preventative medicine as a part of healthcare in the U.S. vs. other countries.

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