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In Defense of Bob Beckel

Wow. I would have never, in a thousand years thought, that I would ever feel the need to defend anything Bob Beckel has done, or anything that he has said. However, when the story of his newest verbal faux pas hit the internet today, the commentors and other people calling for his ouster from the show, “The Five”, were too many I think.

Bob Beckel

Bob Beckel: “(&*#$%^&”

I take issue, with even a handful of people, gnashing their teeth, and bemoaning Beckel’s poor choice of words. While I understand the shock that hearing an “f-bomb” on television might create, there is no reason to stick with that feeling, and use it to demand a man’s job. While what Beckel said was crass and probably not the wisest thing he could have said (already having said the word once before this year on the same program), he is an American, and as such can say it – his reaction is his right, and as was the case today, he can use whatever response he feels is necessary. It is not like the man used hate-speech, he did not yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater, and he apologized immediately after having uttered the word. I would add too, that the cause of Beckel’s outburst was a sharp jab from fellow panelist, Eric Bolling.

While Beckel’s language today was saltier than usual, his “forbidden word” is no worse than you could expect at any mall or junior high school. Young teens walking down sidewalks are very likely to drop an f-bomb of their own, and yet, no one turns agoraphobic because of the language that they may encounter in public. While some people do not care for swear words, they have no right to either judge people’s choice of words, or do they have the right to restrict that innocent speech.

I would say to the greatly offended viewers who are calling for Beckel’s head: You know, as well as everybody else that you tuned into the program of your own volition. No one forced you to do so. You, the viewers, are free to turn off the program at any time. The program is famous for heated discussions among the five panelists, and they are no different from today’s event, but for one word. I would offer that many viewers, both on the right, and on the left, tune in just to see Beckel rail against the tide of the other panelists. He is a wonderful antagonist in his role.

To hear a single word, then react as some people did, calling for Beckel’s firing, was nothing more than seeing a typical left-wing tactic used by our own side. This sort of seizing opportunities of victimless accidents like this by my fellow conservatives and republicans, is at least, disheartening, and at worst, disgusting. In the recent years, we have seen things like NDAA and the Patriot Act erode our rights, and now, just to make an example of a prickly political opponent, we would do it to ourselves? That is madness. Either we stand for the right of free speech, and we take the bad with the good, or we slowly begin to hammer at another right we will willingly throw away. Our rights are under enough stress by a power-hungry administration, and they do not need the added stress of your own sanctimony and self-important moralizing.

The comments that inspired this post can be found here:
and here, with video:

  1. BJ
    August 15, 2012 at 02:13

    Constant are his insulting innuendos about women. It is sickening to listen to.
    The sooner he’s off the Five the sooner we can enjoy the program.


    • August 15, 2012 at 02:25

      So, because he said something you didn’t want to hear, he should be made unemployed? That sort of m.o. is a double edged sword, you know? Can you imagine the already unhinged left fighting that way?
      We on the right are supposed to support the practice of free speech and liberty. What’s happening to this country?


      • the gaslamp post
        September 6, 2012 at 20:02

        We’re divided and instead of taking a look at what we did to get ourselves here (by not thinking and blindly trusting the very criminals we put into power) we point the finger.

        It’s become a “your team versus my team” narrative in our society. To many on the left and yes, unfortunately some on the right, it’s easier to allow ourselves a knee-jerk reaction to something that bothers us rather than look at something for what it really is.

        To many, emotion trumps logic, and if that individual whom we allowed to stir a negative emotion within us is from the other team – then let him have it.

        Whatever happened to debate and reason?

        If people who consider themselves on the right want to demonize Beckel in this way and call for his ouster simply because of his words, then they are no better than those whom they claim to despise, on the left. In effect – they have become what they hate.

        Awesome story JB. It reminds me of John Adams defending those British troops when they were accused of murdering some colonists (he caught alot of hell over that as well – the British weren’t on OUR team, remember?).


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