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It’s Those Darned Kids Again!

The recent comments of Hilary Rosen have both inflamed millions of stay-at-home-mothers, and ruined any Democratic battle plans for a spring and summer-long “War On Women” that might have been used against the GOP to bolster Barack Obama’s election efforts. The incendiary language she chose was quickly used against her by members of her own party, as they speedily scrambled to put space between she and they. My reaction, was at first, complete amusement (as I am bound to find myself whenever I see the left cannibalizing itself). Then, I stopped laughing for a moment, and began to consider the validity of the whole “War on Women” the left claims it is helping to fight. I realized that there were two things wrong with the left’s premise though: while there may be some attacks aimed at women (and it has been my experience that those attacks come from the left, not so much that they are decried by the left), and more importantly, there is a much longer, ongoing “War On” occurring few may realize – a “War on Children.” Thinking through the newly realized war, I think that there is much more information and support available to prove it.

You'd be crying too

You'd be crying too...

The left has long supported “on-demand” abortions. Walk into your nearest clinic, tell them you have an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, and that is it. It is simple and straightforward. The clinics would rather not know any more than they must. Is the mother-to-be, underage? Is she a victim of abuse? The clinics do not seem to care so long as they can provide abortions to “fix problems.” This seems like  a massive over looking of the welfare of a young girl who may find herself pregnant, but surely the snuffing out of the unborn life is an attack as well? It is a double attack on young people. Quoting the president himself, he infamously said that he did not, “…want them [his daughters] punished with a baby.” A baby can be a blessing, a surprise even, but a “punishment”? That is disgusting.

The First Lady has criticized both home nutrition and school lunch programs, and we have seen some schools go so far as to ban lunches students bring from home. Americans have been given a nice new, easier to understand, color-coded plate, “thing” to use as a nutritional guide so we eat more healthy meals. (I am unsure how exactly the healthier eating habits are being measure, but the government has its best intentions at heart). In Los Angeles, a massive school-lunch overhaul, costing millions of dollars, ended with rejection by the students, who were throwing away unopened food and uneaten entrees – but at least there was one good lesson learned from that fiasco. The school children created a de facto black market for junk food, probably learning more about economics at lunch than in the classrooms all year. The school’s economic lesson – well, they increased spending ten-fold from 2006 to 2010, on fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of serving canned.

Continuing on schools, and the mess they have become – how about the left and their cozy relationship with teachers’ unions? The teachers work hard, pay dues to their unions, and then see those dues used for things like election recalls in Wisconsin. Reports came to light at protests in Wisconsin of the union members and teachers getting bogus sick notes to join the crowds, and there were even reports of teachers bringing their confused students to the mess (YouTube video here – listen closely at :08). So teachers take days off from school, under the guise of sickness, leaving the students with substitute teachers, while they chant and protest the governor’s request that they pay a small portion of their own retirement or healthcare plans. So it seems, some teachers’ greed comes before the welfare students that they claim to want to protect.
I would be interested to hear more from school reformers, who have run into brick walls while trying to fix schools. Union and special interests target people like Michelle Rhee, while she tried to fix Washington D.C.’s schools (and was actually seeing some good results after actually firing some 200 teachers). Despite her resignation, the left continues to push back against voucher programs and school choice.

Although these are just three major efforts to affect the children, there are plenty more, easily identifiable progressive tactics and plans in action in the “War on Children.” Things like trying to prevent McDonald’s from adding toys to Happy Meals and forcing McDonald’s to offer approved food items, attacking Newt Gingrich’s suggestion that children who are a certain age be allowed to do menial labor in their own schools (and earn a paycheck to help their families), and continuously pushing their brand of learned dependency – it all has the terrible effect of turning a bright, able, capable generation, into a needy, dependent one, unable to even think for itself. The fact is, the left does not think too highly of children, or else they would treat them with a modicum of respect.

The left’s style really seems crimped by the mere existence of children, and if the left had its way, kids would just kowtow to the left as the left would love to have them do, then everything would be copacetic. But, like so many on the right, kids aren’t stupid, and they know BS when they see it. So, once again, it seems like the left has met its match.

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