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Thank You, Andrew

Andrew Breitbart

Requiescat in pace, Andrew

Conservatives today, collectively awoke and received a gut-punch, with the news of Andrew Breitbart’s passing. He apparently had collapsed in Los Angeles, was now fighting the good fight in the Heavens. The effect he had on politics in the United States, still hasn’t been fully realized, and after the depressing losses in recent elections, I give him full credit for reinvigorating the GOP’s base. He took the full force of the media, and whatever barbs the unhinged left threw at him, and the man never so much as blinked. He was the person I thank most, for destroying the myth that the mainstream media was this huge, unassailable machine, who were above all consequences of their truth-bending.

By leading so many discontented conservatives and republicans to his Big sites, he showed us that we weren’t just lone, disgruntled people, but that there were plenty of others in the nation. And most importantly, rather than just reveal us to one another, he brought an entire nation of liked-minded people together. In my mind that will be Andrew’s legacy – that the left’s strategy of “divide and conquer” still wasn’t working, and that the right was still there, plugging along, but in serious need of a leader.

By being the fearless and tireless leader – the person who was most needed at the most perfect moments – the debt owed to you, Andrew, will never be able to be repaid.
Thank you.

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