The Dreams Of My President

So, the September 7th jobs address to the joint houses of Congress has now been moved to September 8th, and undoubtedly, democrats will howl and moan that Boehner played dirty or did not have the right to rebuff the president.  It is my understanding that for anyone to enter the House chamber and address the body, they must be first invited by the Speaker.  So it seems as though Boehner was well within his rights to tell the president the 7th was a no-go date.  While this address will undoubtedly sound like something new to democrats and presidential supporters, everyone else may hear more of the administration’s continued promises of jobs and economic turn around.  So, far, the administration was been long rhetoric, and short actual physical job creation (I know, I know Obama supporters – he has saved or created millions of jobs).  I am still unsure what a “saved” job actually  looks like, and if either Jay Carney, Joe Biden, or the president himself were pressed to describe one, the silence would be deafening.

Joe Biden in China

Joe Biden asks the Chinese about the one child policy he doesn't understand

I have taken the liberty to prepare a score sheet of sorts, for what I expect to be the main idea(s) of the address, along with the president’s former actions that show it would not be a safe bet to buy into any of his bulls– er, rhetoric.  A few things intrigue me as to why the address is actually necessary at all, and a commentator on FNC said that the president must have something “big” to talk about or reveal, and that is the reason for the joint Congressional address.  I wonder if Joe Biden’s trip to China may have something to do with the need to address the American public, yet again?  Perhaps our Chinese Uncle Moneybags is going to cut off the free-flowing money (finally!)

First possible topic:  High-speed rail?  Remember that issue he was pressing, as some sort of billion-dollar boondoggle that would lift the nation out of recession?  Then, last November, a wave of Republican and Conservative leaning governors won elections, and refused the money earmarked for the rail.  Obama did not seem too pleased by it, but played it as a move by the governors to hurt their own states.  The governors, for their parts, said they did not know of, want to be responsible for, or have anything else to do with the rails’ projected future liabilities.  With Amtrak as a model, who can blame them for rejecting federal, subsidized transportation?  I am sure the Chinese bullet train derailing and killed scores before Biden’s visit did not lend support either.

Wait, wait - not yet! They're not ready yet!

Not as shovel-ready as we thought...

Next possible topic:  More infrastructure spending?  The first round of spending was sold to the American people as “shovel-ready”, and as a way to better the country – indeed, how could we lose out on this deal?  Well, we seem to have.  The unemployment rate is still north of 9%, and the president himself infamously joked, “Well, I guess the jobs weren’t as shovel-ready as we thought…”  No, Mr. President, they certainly weren’t, but I would be very interested in where all this spending was done, and how it is providing a return on Americans’ investment.

Next possible topic:  The president will stand in front of Congress, and, with a straight face, call for more “new tone and civility”.  This (again) despite people like Congressman Andre Carson claiming at a Black Caucus event, that some Congressional Tea Party members would like to see “you and me” hanged from trees.  The call for civility did not take the first time, and I doubt the president would even bother mentioning it again – so, make this my “outside possibility” topic.

Final possible topic:  The amnesty/Dream Act fiasco that seems to be gaining momentum on the left?  This could certainly be a topic of the address, since the “Fast and Furious” program was directly shown to be a factor in the deaths of two American law enforcement officers in Mexico, and since heads have already begun to roll this week.  What will be the gist?  Who knows – perhaps the president will again claim his support for illegal immigrants, brought to America as children, and try to play that as a blanket amnesty step.  He may just call for the tightening of the borders and thousands of new hires of border guards.  But then, how many votes would that cost him?

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