The Commander In Chaff

No, that is no typo – “chaff” seems like the perfect descriptor for this president.  It is the stuff that is discarded from seeds and grains, which blows which-ever way the winds take it.  It serves no real purpose, and seems only to complicate harvesting and increase harvest times and efforts.  His predilection for “leading from behind” (when he does take action) continues to rankle an America who is not used to cowering and stalling.  He has separated himself from Bill Clinton, by seeming to throw complete concern of poll numbers to the gutter (by the way, his job-approval, according to Gallup, is at an all-time low).  He and his subordinates like to remind us that “Congressional numbers are even lower”, as if that makes his own lackluster administration stand out.  His recent “listening tour” was turned into a disaster when a voter asked him why his vice-president, Joe Biden, smeared Tea Partiers, likening them to the types of people that brought down the Trade Towers.  For his part, Obama said the voter needed to listen to him, and then proceeded to tell him what he heard, never happened.

President Do-Nothing

"Ugh...I have a splitting headache"

It is amazing that the three bodies’ approval numbers are so low, but I remind you that the numbers reflect the wonderful “compromise” that they all delivered to the country via their raised debt ceiling deal.  The right complains their representatives gave too much, and the left says the right was playing politics.  While the sniping continues, the country goes on, trying to make sense of their paychecks or how they will make their next payroll with nothing but uncertainty from Washington.  The country begs for anything even remotely resembling certitude, and all they receive is lip-service and snark from the likes of Jay Carney.  The president’s election strategy seem to be wholly reliant upon tearing down anyone else running for the office of president, rather than running on any accomplishments of his own.  He can try to run on finally finding, and killing, Osama Bin Laden, but the American people seem to give credit where it is actually due (to Seal Team Six), rather than to the guy who merely gave the raid the thumbs up.  He could attempt to run on either a budget or his Healthcare, but the democrat-controlled Senate has not passed a budget in forever, and the healthcare fiasco is hugely unpopular.  With an anemic economy, he has nothing to run on there, either.  It is either tear-down others, or throw in the towel. Simple as that.

If the president is counting on support from his most staunch supporters from his first election, the young, college crowd, he may be barking up the wrong tree too.  How does he expect to garner support from the young college student crowd, when they are suddenly faced with thousands of dollars in student-loan debt, and a 9+% unemployment rate?  Does he expect the college graduates to shrug their shoulders, take a minimum wage job, and just think, “Well, maybe he is really serious about that ‘hope and change’ this time”?  That is unrealistic, and the energy and enthusiasm he ginned up last election, has been replaced with a sense of reality and cynicism.  The one thing that might capture the graduates’ attention, a jobs bill, has been promised, but will not be available to the public until it is unveiled sometime this fall.  His neglect of employment may prove the most politically fatal of his shortcomings – throughout the 20th century, there has not been a single president re-elected with such terrible unemployment numbers.

Reid/Pelosi juggernaut

Reid checking presidential approval numbers, Pelosi checking unemployment numbers.

One of the last major gripes people have with the president, is the fact he has seemed to served his entire term thus far, while on vacation.  Every week, we are told by the media that the president is, “Enjoying the greens at XXX Country Club” — or like this week, “He’s spending time on Martha’s Vineyard”.  To the normal American, struggling with bills and mortgages, they resent what they see as separation between the president and themselves.  Some call it elitism.  I do not know if that is actually the case, but I think there is clearly some sort of disconnect between he and the country that he is supposed to be leading.  According to CBS News, at this point in his presidency, the president has actually spent fewer days on vacation than both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.  (Bill Clinton spent the fewest days, with 28 – but we know why he loved staying in the Oval Office).  What does this mean?  To me, it simply means both Reagan and Bush actually got more done in less time than the current president – and they did it, in large part, without the benefit of a liberal and friendly Congress for two years.

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