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America’s Illogical Left

While the debt ceiling talks roll on, in the summer of America’s discontent, the left continues to suffer from serious cases of nonsense and double talk.  The various news sources do their best to put a positive spin on the impasse, continually assuring us that the parties involved are very close to a deal, only to have holes shot into their reports by John Boehner, who claims the president’s proposal and his own are light-years from agreement.  One side says that they simply must have tax increases to fund liabilities, or else Social Security check delivery cannot be assured (which I believe is nothing more than an easily checked, and debunked lie).  The left threatens that soldiers may not receive their pay or receive vital weapons and equipment they need.  The list goes on and on.  I am beginning to think democrats actually believe that if it weren’t for their presence in the chambers of Congress, the sun may not rise in the east one morning…It’s amazing to what lengths they are stretching rhetoric and rationality when they cannot get their way or get Americans to believe them.

Various left wing pundits have taken to using particularly vicious and vindictive slurs and attacks.  Whether it’s MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, Martin Bashir, or Keith Olbermann, the left seems all too willing to just say, “Hey, the hell with intelligent discourse – we on the left got nothin’, so let’s jump into the mud!”  Name calling and ad hominem attacks now seem to be the left’s standard operating procedure.  Targeting private citizens also seems to have become a tactic that they enjoy using – favorite targets include people like: Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin (who has still not entered the presidential race), the favorite boogeymen of left – the Koch brothers.  Apparently, targeting the people who they merely identify as threats somehow makes it alright to use the distasteful and disgusting methods that they do.

David Plouffe, advisor to the president, recently went as far as claiming that Americans will not vote one way or another based on the economy.  I will go as far as giving him credit that his belief may have worked in the 2008 presidential election (when the ambiguous “Hope & Change” ruled the day), but I doubt democrats will be able to spin fast enough to use tactics like those ever again.  Two years of empty promise and a pattern of disappointing results has killed the mantra “Hope & Change,” and it will be retired in infamy and disgust.  I wonder just what Plouffe and others believe will lead Americans to vote for the president’s re-election?  They should hope the electors either have poor short-term memories, or have been living in a cave for the past two years.

Joe Biden

"Now, people when I say that look at me and say, 'What are you talking about, Joe? You're telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt? The answer is yes, that's what I'm telling you."

The left’s nonsensical and indefensible positions on many issues run contrary to what most Americans thought they would ever see.  Things as simple as cutting spending to make the federal budget more tenable do not even seem to be subject to rational thought anymore.  Joe Biden famously claimed the way into the mess, is the same as the way out.  I know, I know – what?  To me, the lowly, typical, American idiot that the left must simplify things for, this is tantamount to shooting someone to cure their gunshot wound.  This type of belief and behavior seem to be endemic of the entire left.

I shudder when I think about the burgeoning scandal that the Attorney General Eric Holder and A.T.F. has committed.  Again, it’s the same rationale as Vice President Biden used: the way into the mess is the same as the way out.  Guns, purported to be bought from gun dealers and other sellers in the United States, were being smuggled into Mexico, for use by any number of warring Mexican drug cartels.  So, to stem the tide of guns into Mexico, did the Justice Department think it was smart to enforce gun regulations already on the books?  Of course not, it thought it was far wiser to start its own program of smuggling guns out of the United States and into Mexico, and tracking them via serial numbers, to find their exchange vectors.  Never mind that technology would allow them to implant tracking bugs into the stocks or other parts of the guns, or more significantly – that the whole plan is insanely difficult to complete and seemingly carelessly administered, they went ahead, and carried it out, self-assured of its brilliance.  Instead of learning of the tracks of the guns, they have found them all over the southwest, both in the United States and Mexico, and they have managed to get numerous United States agents killed.  It worries me if this program was thought to be a great idea – what in God’s name are they executing now, and how bad will the black eye it gives to America look?


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