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Open Letter To The Left

Dear “The Left”,

I open by admitting to never having embraced a single position you hold, and I highly doubt I ever will.  I like to think that I have the ability to use objectivity, logic, pragmatism, and common sense to arrive at a position that is agreeable to my mental and social compasses.  It is a solution I find frequently arrived to, with careful consideration, analysis, and weighing possible alternatives.  I also have the ability to appreciate when someone is arguing in their own best interest, and I think, like most people, I feel more open to conversation and discussion when this is the case.

With that being said, I find the left’s tendencies as of late to be disconcerting.  They seem to have happily abandoned any semblance of sensible reasoning and tossed vested interest to the wayside.  Where their stances used to just make no sense to me, or where you could plainly see that someone’s been done a payback or favor, it seems more and more like the left is simply bound and determined to undermine and cause destruction.  Frankly, your tendency to spend money that doesn’t exist, and refuse to stop whilst spending yet more gives me headaches.  The disgust and demonizing of George Bush going to war is puzzling, especially as you have little if anything to say about our current “kinetic military action” in Libya.  I find it mind-boggling to think that they’ve finally arrived at a place in their collective minds, where they would argue, even against their own self-interests, and against positions that they have claimed for decades.  All the sudden, it seems, the saying, “You have to go along to get along” is gone.

When a political group, such as the left, begins to whither and age, and lose members, there is no doubt that a couple of things must happen: the lost members/support must be made up, with increased support from remaining members, or the group must embrace new issues to draw in new personnel.  The left seems to have not given any thought or concern to which of these new issues they are embracing, even alienating some of the previous Democrats (think Blue-Dog or more classical Democrats).  As they’ve embraced the new and much more liberal issues, they may have gained new recruits on the far left, but I suspect have lost more former supporters from the the mid-left.  This hardly seems like a viable way to build support and a consensus party.

Even as they have adopted new issues, and as they have proven unpopular, they have remained steadfastly supportive of them.  The Obamacare bill, all 2,000+ pages of it, is a great example.  As snippets and bits of the bill became known (and perhaps the worst thing connected to the bill, Nancy Pelosi claimed, “…but, we have to pass the bill for you to find out what is in it…”) people grew quickly and strongly against it.  And yet, the democrats stuck to it, convinced it was something special.  Claiming a mandate by America (and neglecting the possibility that the voters were simply tired of GOP spending), they charged ahead.  And then November 2010 elections rolled around, and some of the same people, convinced that the bill was something Americans wanted, were shown the electoral door.

Lastly, and perhaps the most upsetting and disgusting tendency of the “new left”, is the personal nature of their attacks.  They think little of attacking and smearing their targets.  Online leftist “journalists” or snark-meisters, protected by the distance of their keyboard to their target, and the seeming anonymity of the Internet, think that anyone and anything is a target.  Even people who have not even joined a political race, see their children being targeted, disgustingly, by “humor” websites.  Media personalities are harassed at public events and have their spouse assaulted by drunken spectators.   Some personalities feel free to speak however they like, with as much venom and vitriol as they want (which is fine, I too am a strong believer in the 1st Amendment), but the problem is, the talking heads quickly back off those same statements, refusing to take any responsibility for their words.

So, I ask of you – is this what the left has become?  The former party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Clinton, having totally lost credibility, relegated to also-rans, giving up, and fighting dirty and like a petulant group of adolescents?  A party of disenfranchised misanthropes?  And before you think that, well, the conservative media picks on us too – save it.  We on the right have spent the entire Bush presidency putting up with the same sorts of juvenile displays.  And we still remember things like Robert Bork.  I cannot count once a Democrat’s special needs child tastelessly lampooned.  If this is perfectly fine with you, then I fear you have relegated your own party to ridicule and non-consideration.  I fear the left has long ago accepted its fate as a dwendling mishmash of angry, bitter special interest groups.

Americans everywhere who are tired of this garbage.

Civility in Public Discourse

Remember the "new tone and civility"? Yeah, me either.

  1. siameese cities
    July 1, 2011 at 21:38

    Holy shit, I can’t believe you wrote this. Are you delusional? Almost every vile thing you tried to pin on the left, except for the Libya thing, which isn’t getting Americans killed, and the government didn’t lie to validate their actions, like what happened in Iraq; is a daily practice of the modern right.

    undermine and cause destruction? GOP is willingly going to cause a recession and they don’t care about eliminating hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs all to stay true to ideology. What you fail to understand, it seems, is that the money DOES exist, but rich people get to keep a big chunk of it through tax credits and exemptions.

    I can’t at all understand what you mean by “positions” held for decades, but that’s hilarious. What liberal positions have changed in recent years vs. decades ago? The GOP is nothing like the GOP of even 50 years ago, and GOP before Clinton were still into raising taxes to balance budgets.

    Wither and lose members? So the college kids and growing minority voters don’t count? If the left is losing members why is the right so concerned with voter id bills that make it harder for traditionally Democratic voters to register to vote? The Republican party is getting older and whiter, that’s not opinion its fact, the demographic is shrinking every year to white older Christians. Your whole premise of the left going to far to the extreme is absurd, the right is going off into a ditch fighting to out-conservative each other 3 months ago GOP wanted 85% cuts and 15% revenue, when they were about to get it they said, “no, 100% cuts!”. Again proving that they are abandoning their own ideas.

    The ACA was 2000 pages because of government formatting, Bush’s budgets were around 1400-1500 pages, the amount of pages was just fake hysteria made up by the right at some sad attempt take it seem bad cuz its big, I see it worked on you.

    I find it mind boggling to hear conservatives complain about attacks. When elected officials participate in questioning whether the president os a secret Muslim from Africa, you have no moral ground to complain about liberal bloggers. If you’re oblivious to the attacks coming from Fox, right wing talk radio, conservative bloggers, and tea party rallies, I’d be happy to scrounge you up some links.

    Your civility sign really takes the cake, tell me, what party had people yelling at town halls because websites told them to? In the the last 100 years, the ONE verbal outburst at the president was done by a member of what party?

    the judgments of Bush were based on facts: lied about Iraq, you were a poor student, you politicized 9/11, you say dumb stuff. And anyone that criticized his policies was portrayed as an America hating traitor. Lots of the Obama criticism is made up garbage, made up of people deciding what he “probably” meant, or how ______ policy isn’t what he actually wants because of a speech he made years ago. Like that example you gave me, of a YouTube video, out of context, which “quotes” Obama saying energy will have to go up, so now you guys claim he hates oil and is purposely driving the cost of gas up. Lots of the criticism is inferences based on practically nothing.

    The right has made it clear that ideology is the moat important thing, they no longer care about what’s beat for the country. They’ll vote against bills they used to support, sometimes even bills they wrote, as long as it can make Obama look bad. They used their 2010 windfall as permission to get back to their culture war of the 90’s, just look at all the new Republican governors passing extremely unpopular policy, even risking their careers to do so… and frankly America is starting to notice and is developing strong buyers remorse, again I can provide you with links if you’d like.

    I can’t for the life of me understand how you believe anything you wrote in this post.


  2. siameese cities
    July 1, 2011 at 21:41

    Seriously, your picture there, what hate speech from the left?


  3. July 2, 2011 at 10:23

    Holy cow I can’t believe you just posted this. Aside from the Libya thing, everything vile thing you’ve pinned on The Left is a tactic of the The Right. And while I don’t agree with us being the world’s police and spending our money and resources in Libya, AT LEAST we aren’t losing American lives and we weren’t lied to in order to start a war there… which is the problem with Iraq.

    Your assertion that the money doesn’t exist is just wrong, it does exist, it’s just being tax cut and exempted, or tax loop-holed out of the economy. If the government stop providing tax breaks, and if very profitable companies paid the taxes they owe, we’d have more money. And if needed, the government can raise taxes and then they can get more money. Just because they don’t take in a lot of money now doesn’t mean the “money doesn’t exist.”

    You’re joking about the Left losing members, right? Young people, minorities, first time voters in general tend to vote Democrat, that’s not an opinion, it’s fact. The Republican party is increasingly become a smaller, older, whiter, more Christian party. As evidence by your “GOP and Conservative is a big difference” if conservatives don’t fully agree with someone they ostracize them and try to exclude them, or they insult them away from their party. The Republican party is shrinking, and they know it. If the Left were shrinking why would there be so many Republican Governors passing voter bills that aim to make it harder for ‘statistically democratic’ voters to register to vote? They’re worried about elections, so they’re trying to balance the scales in their favor, time after time.

    The 2000+ pages was because of Congressional formatting, Bush’s budgets were always 1400-1500 pages, there are wide margins, double spacing, and large fonts. The outrage over the size was just manufactured by it’s opponents to rile people up… I guess it worked with you.

    As a conservative you have no ground to judge attacks from the left. As a whole party they systematically attack the Left, the President especially. Elected officials imply and question the President’s legitimacy, Fox news implies he’s trying to tear the country down, and it gets worse as the level of accountability diminishes, bloggers and tea party rallies blatantly being racist, or making stuff up.

    In the last 100 years, which party had a verbal outburst interrupting the President? What party featured people yelling and interrupting town halls, because websites encouraged it? What party’s candidates *winkwink/nudge* whether the President was born in the country? That’s right, the GOP, your picture below, about civility is a joke. You have no footing on the issue, no matter what you think of Leftist bloggers, it pales in comparison to the Right.

    What attacks are you referring to? If you think the Left is worse than the right, if you think they’re so terrible, I’m sure you can give me some examples, I sure can show you the Right’s offensenses if you like.

    It’s funny that you claim the Democratic party has changed, which ideals have changed? What’s so different? The GOP isn’t remotely the party it was 50 years ago. They’ve mythologized themselves and Reagan where they act like they are similar to him, but he raised taxes, that’s not even an option. GOP won’t even support a policy they wanted three months ago, they vote against bills they themselves wrote, all for the sake of politically damaging the President. You tried to say the Left is causing damage? What damage? The GOP is threatening to cause a recession so they can get what they want NOW, in March they wanted 85% cuts, and 15% taxes, when they almost got it, they say “NO! 100% or we walk away.” Which would break the economy, they’re ridiculous.

    The criticisms of Bush were generally based on facts: lied to get us into Iraq, said really stupid things during speeches, was a poor student, politicized 9/11. And whenever anyone criticized his policies they were called anti-american traitors and were marginalized by the GOP. The attacks on Obama are based on speculation of what he “probably meant,” or the Right latches on to a comment from years ago, out of context sometimes (like that youtube video you sent me about energy costs “necessarily going up”) and use that as some evidence that he “wants” gas to go up, or he “supports terrorists” or whatever. They are hardly ever criticisms based on what has happened, just ideas of what COULD happen, or then there’s the whole, “he’s a secret Muslim from Kenya who wants a Socialist country.” That’s disgusting.

    Your whole post was ridiculous and pretty much the opposite of reality, sorry for you.


  4. July 2, 2011 at 12:16

    As far as Libya goes, it’s a violation of the War Powers Act, which may be unconstitutional in and of itself. As far as the GOP “trying to cause a recession”, that’s complete bunk. Am I to believe that raising taxes is going to solve the deficit? How about just not spending so much on pork and special interest groups? Why is the left so fixated on how to take money from people who have more? By this rationale, shouldn’t your neighbor (who makes less money than you) have the ability to come to your home and take money or items until the disparity in wealth is eliminated? Another question I’ve never been able to have answered by anyone on the left: if you pay no taxes, how in the world can your taxes be cut? It’s something from nothing, no? It’s been said before, and I’ll reiterate; The U.S. cannot tax its way out of the democrat-created deficit. This is a SPENDING issue.
    Lose members? I’ll go as far as revising that statement to say, “Losing large amounts of support”, better? This was pretty apparent last November. I’ve seen polls claiming that the dems. in the Senate still stand to lose around six seats in the next election. On the front page of Yahoo, it mentions that Jewish supporters aren’t so freely giving donations to the president any long as well. I think you suffer from a bit of isolation, as the GOP may be aging, but from what I’ve seen, the stodgy old gray-haired men are being replaced quickly by passionate, fighting conservative young people. It should make for interesting politics for the next 40 or so years…
    I fail to see how a complete budget being 1/2 the size of one humongous, bloated, overreaching, do-as-we-say-or-else bill, makes any point. That Bush could have a far smaller, complete budget is a bad thing? You’ve lost me.
    The fact that so many on the left have complained so long about Tea Party attacks – remember the slurs, the spitting, etc. that happened? Yeah, neither do I, because they were lies from the start. There was something like $10k to someone to show proof they ever happened, and nada, zilch.
    I think the yelling at town halls was a direct result of people seeing their representatives legislating against their wishes. The people felt they had to yell to get their attention, and when that didn’t work, they voted their tails out of office (see: Specter, Arlen, Bennett, Bob, and Feingold, Russ)
    Is the criticism of Obama causing energy prices to rise bunk? Really? So, to you, he’s still a wonderful leader, misinterpreted by the idiotic American masses, too stupid to realize he’s going to make the country into some sort of Utopia? When he says “…electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket”, how am I to interpret that? It’s plain English.
    As far as hate speech from the left, it’s been sourced from the left for a long, long time. From distant history, say the Civil War, to currently, with union leadership claiming Chris Christie is a German Nazi. Yeah, that’s from the left.


  5. July 2, 2011 at 12:21

    If yelling during a SOTU bothers you so much (and it was uncouth, I’ll grant you), perhaps you’d be interested in the beating with a walking stick by Democrat Preston Brooks in the Chamber? How’s that for civility?
    I do recall the last election where some on the left wondered if McCain was eligible to run for POTUS because he was born outside the U.S. (but in the U.S. administered Panama Canal Zone).


    • July 2, 2011 at 12:55

      clearly you’re not going to listen to reason. Like I said, it’s a fact that the Republican party is shrinking, it’s a fact that those states that voted in Republicans have buyers remorse with most of those new Governors losing to their Democratic rival if the elections were held today.

      Why do you guys take taxes as a “stealing from your neighbor” type of thing. If you want a better real world example, it’s not your neighbor, it’s your co-worker: if you all put a dollar into the pizza fund for a pizza fridays and one of the guys doesn’t put in his share, do you go without the pizza, or is it cool for the boss to put in two dollars everyday? Is it the end of the world if he covers the extra dollar– will it ruin his bank account?

      I don’t know what your “pay no taxes, how can you cut taxes” line is about. Who are you talking about?

      Democratic created deficit? How? please explain what is driving the debt, thanks.

      I didn’t say they ARE causing a recession, I’m saying they’re threatening to not raise the debt ceiling if they don’t get what they want. Even though they raised the debt ceiling 7 times during the Bush administration, while the deficit grew by 1 trillion dollars, where was the fiscal responsibility then? In march they prescribed a perfect budget of 85% spending cuts and 15% tax hikes– why’d they change that opinion in three months? All these actions THREATEN to cause a recession, that’s what I’m saying– if you let the country default, it’ll break our economy.

      You can cherry pick incidents, and bring up one isolated incident from 150 years ago (which THAT Democratic party has NOTHING to do with THIS Democratic party, and you know that) all you want to try and paint a horrible world for conservatives, but it’s clearly documented, unfortunately, it’s by the proper, professional media, which you guys all claim is bias to the left; that the right is much more hostile, insulting, culture war, and plainly political than the left.

      So as long as you listen to Rush or Hannity or whoever you’ll always think that the mainstream media is out to get conservatives, and that conservatives are the poor babies of politics and they have no one on their side.

      have fun with that mentality.
      meanwhile the real world will continue to work on recalling new GOP governors, vetoeing their bills if they can, and continuing to take part of polls in which they don’t trust GOP or blame Bush for the economy (even though they think Obama isn’t fixing it fast enough) while they still have a high 40’s approval rating for Obama and low 30’s GOP.

      Thanks for not answering my questions about attacks by the left.


  6. July 2, 2011 at 12:28

    sorry I double posted, the reply from yesterday was sent from my phone and it didn’t seem to be showing up… my apologized for essentially re-posting everything.


  7. July 2, 2011 at 13:24

    The issue with tax dollars is simply this (for me anyway, and I suspect many on the right agree): what rights do we claim to another’s money? It’s a basic property-right question. The rationale from the left seems to be, “Since these fat cats have sooo much money, they can’t possibly know what to do with all that, so we’ll just help ourselves.” As with neighbors, it’s a property right issue.
    The president ran on getting out of two wars, and yet we’ve seen a surge (an undermanned one at that), and a war in Libya. Those actions both raised deficit. Not to mention private business bailouts and takeovers.
    The voters took action and threw out a number of republicans when they started spending madly during the Bush admin. Then the democrats who took control thought they had some sort of mandate, and spent yet more. With only a 2% growth rate, the dems are trying to spin tax increases like they’re the only solution, when bloated government spending could be pared away in large measure.
    That democratic party has more in common with today’s democratic party than most realize. And I don’t mean the Robert Byrd garbage either. Big, federal government then, big, federal government now – and over 150 years, they STILL haven’t figured a way to make the increased spending work any better.
    I find it amazing that you decry the right’s talking heads as leading some sort of uprising or conservative movement, and in the same breath, cannot see the same rhetoric from your own sources. The MSM is not objective by any stretch. I’ve never claimed any media to be objective. As far as Hannitty and Limbaugh go, I’ve not listened to either of them in some time, and I’m not a regular listener. To paint with that same brush, I’d have to accuse you of being a massive Ed Schultz fan or rabid listener of Olbermann (and frankly, I could care less if you were).
    Last I heard, Obama’s still losing on a generic GOP ballot. That doesn’t bode well for him.


  8. the gaslamp post
    July 11, 2011 at 20:12

    Pardon me, JBrenn, I wanted to address Siameese.Cities in regards to attacks from the left inquiry…

    S.C., in most recent incidents, on February 22, 2011 in Denver CO, a gay, black, Tea-Party member was attacked by Pro-Union supporters, who bashed him, and called him “son”. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/02/horrible-gay-black-tea-partyer-accosted-by-racist-seiu-activists-at-denver-tea-party/

    Another example is of another black Tea-Party member who was physically beaten by SEIU thugs for handing out the yellow Gadsen flag. Kenneth Gladney was beaten by leftist union thugs at a town hall meeting for passing out the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. This was in St.Louis County in 2009. http://stlouisteaparty.com/2009/08/07/union-thugs-deliver-unprovoked-beating-on-black-conservative-at-carnahan-town-hall/

    Do you recall Obama using the phrase that the Democrats should “punch back twice as hard”? I sure do! http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0809/25891.html

    Also, just another example of a vicious attack, this one involving the media, let’s take a look at the number the leftist media did on Sarah Palin, shall we? Does anyone else remember when she was attacked over her baby being born with Downs Syndrome, and the media, rather than showing compassion, instead smeared her and said that the baby was actually born to her teenage (at the time) daughter, Bristol?

    How about right after Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot at one of her open air town hall type meetings? Before the smoke had even cleared people were blaming rhetoric alledgedly spouted by Palin (the same “bulls eyes” used by democrats during their campaigns) and swearing that the Tea Party was behind it… Then we go to find out it was a lone nut, is a pot-smoking, LIBERAL… http://freedomeden.blogspot.com/2011/01/jared-loughner-let-bodies-hit-floor.html

    I could go on, but do I have to? To me, that would only contribute more to the “your team vs. my team” mentality. Believe it or not, that’s not what I want for America to do (and I don’t want you to think I’m attacking you, Siameese Cities). It is my belief that the polarization of the population is a sympton of too big of a government, and a sign that the public is losing control, as well as sight, of what our forefathers had in mind. This polarization, and arguing which results from it, is getting us nowhere.

    JBrenn, I like your site. Thanks for your time.


  1. July 2, 2011 at 11:13

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