Why Should Palin Run?

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin at the Time 100 Gala in Manhattan on May 4, 2010 (via Wikipedia)

So, even two years out, it seems like election season is upon us.  People are rapidly finding “their candidate”, and supporting them via donation, turning out, and writing online opinion pieces.  While the Democrats’ nominee is all but a foregone conclusion, the Republican field couldn’t be more wide open.  There are numerous contenders from the business world and former leaders.  A Northern businessman is vying with a Southern counterpart for their party’s nomination, a Western former governor is contending for the nom. with a Mid-Western tax lawyer – and then there’s Sarah.

Perhaps the most mercurial and aggravating figure for liberals.  When it comes to Sarah Palin, it seems like there’s no depth to the slurs and slime that the left is willing to throw her way.  Even her family isn’t off limits (something fairly new to politicians – remember Chelsea Clinton and the Bush Twins were considered ‘off-limits’?)  Recently, a Wonkette smear-piece thought it would be just hilarious to make fun of her youngest child, Trig, on his birthday to boot.  The result?  A furious, Twitter-organized, assault on Wonkette’s sponsors, leading many of them to pull their advertisements.

So, why should she run?  She’s already shown a willingness to take on liberals and their favorite talking points.  If she gives additional interviews to the MSM, she’ll surely be more prepared than ever, and should easily expose their inherent bias and warped reporting styles.  The Katie Couric interview, while not seen as a turning point in interviews, wasn’t nearly as bad as some would believe, and Sarah’s popularity has grown, while Couric has lost her anchor seat as her ratings have completely tanked.

As she continues to debate whether or not she’s even joining the primary race, she forces the left and other detractors to continue to expend their resources on background checks and other dirt digging that they can use against her.  There won’t be any in-fighting amongst Democrats, so they would be free to focus on destroying the reputations of Republican candidates.  As they’re doing their checks and spending money, it becomes less that can be used against any other candidates.  As much as they remain critical of even the small things she does, the left appears unwilling or unable to not attack and smear her.

As she’s being disparaged, it will continue to show the hypocrisy and  double-standard of the left and organizations such as NOW and Planned Parenthood, who constantly claim to stand for womens’ rights, and yet never miss an opportunity to tear down a Republican woman running for office.  I hope that as more people continue to see this, and grow sick of it, these two groups (and any others using this m.o.) will grow stale and lose their lobbying power.  For the centrist-supporters of the groups, seeing the same attacks and methods being utilized over and over will continue to erode their support as well.

Finally, she may bring some new planks to the party platform.  With the new planks comes increased interest and support.  The Republican candidates are highly segmented at the moment, and making enough noise with the right issues may finally break one out of the pack.  Even if she doesn’t run, the other candidates can seize the issues she’s brought to the forefront, and they can receive the benefit of her endorsement.  There are simply more good reasons for her to run than not.

I’m actually not even a Palin supporter, but I am a supporter of having as many people as possible raising ideas.  With as many half-baked ideas from candidates as we’re seeing these days, it really shouldn’t be too hard to realize a few winning ideas.

  1. padiofarty
    May 31, 2011 at 04:11

    As a non American but one who likes America/Americans I hope she does run – and I hope she keeps on running and running and running until she wears out and disappears.

    I cant understand her appeal to your lot – excepting her one and only clarion cry along the lines of “lets get back to real American family values” which I can understand would appeal – but beyond that, what is this woman for?

    “Support the troops?” – Most of us dont need to be ralled to support our troops – they tend to be our families and get our support.

    Putting people in crosshairs seemed to backfire – and yea I know she didnt actually mean pull a trigger – nevertheless, a pretty fucking stupid thing to say.

    She simply comes across as a controversial bag of wind – and bags of wind can often do harm and they often tend not to smell too good!!

    As an outsider but one who recognises the power American Policy has in/on the world I hope she never stops running!!


  2. June 29, 2011 at 16:46

    Before Michele Bachmann started gaining so much momentum, I was heavily rooting for a run by Palin. Both Bachmann and Palin are interesting political figures who bring a lot of hype and excitement to the Republican Party, something that’s usually lacking with its history of being old, white, and male. With Bachmann in the race, however, a run by Palin would ensure a runaway primary victory by Mitt Romney, a candidate I just can’t get excited about.

    Could Palin win the general? It remains to be seen, but I remain skeptical. She’s controversial and independents would likely have a hard time shaking off that old “aww shucks” image that many conservatives find endearing. As for the Democrats.. well obviously she’s not getting any of their votes.

    Interesting blog! I’ve bookmarked you and I look forward to reading more.

    The Conservative Journal


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